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Management Consultant, Entrepreneur, Urban Farmer

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I love working on challenging projects with excellent people.

Over the last 20+ years I’ve held Executive and delivery positions in both Industry and Consulting roles. During this time, I’ve gained a diverse array of experience in building trusted client partnerships through leading people, managing programs, defining strategies, cultivating new business, and guiding delivery teams.

I’ve had the privilege of working across a multitude of industries in North America and Europe including High Tech, Telecommunications, Media, Travel, Chemical Distribution, Manufacturing, Software Development and, most recently, Pharmaceuticals.

During the past several years, I’ve pursued my passion for food by writing life stories of Seattle based Chefs and restaurant owners. In addition, my stories about food, farming and charcuterie have appeared in a number of print and digital publications including Seattle Weekly, Modern Farmer, Eater Seattle and on the Huffington Post.

Most recently, I started a public relations firm focused on working with clientele in the Food and Beverage industry in Seattle and the greater Pacific Northwest. With it, I’m able to continue working in the world of food while also building strong, collaborative client relationships.

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Jason Price lives in Seattle with his wife and two children. He loves learning about and working with people from other cultures and countries. Above all else, he enjoys the art of the deal, helping people, spending time with his family and exploring the world. He's traveled extensively to over 25 countries and worked in 13 on 4 continents.

In addition to consulting to solve big business problems and helping clients; Jason loves food and trying every cuisine there is to be tasted. He is an avid food enthusiast and is actively learning and writing about the Seattle restaurant scene. In his off time, he interviews Chefs, Farmers, Local Enterprises and Innovators in the food businesses in and around Seattle. In addition, he recently founded Plaid Pig PR - a public relations firm focused on helping Food and Beverage clients in the Pacific Northwest.

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