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One of the games I've always liked to play during my corporate career has been asking others the question, "If you could do anything and money was of no concern – what would it be?" To me, this was akin to the great question of "What is your last meal?" often asked of Chefs. Answers ranged from swim instructors to hiking guides to pilots to race car drivers. However, they were never, "exactly what I'm doing right now." My answer to this question was always either to become a food and travel writer a la Anthony Bourdain, or to become an organic farmer.

As I've hit nearly 20 years in corporate consulting and have begun to think about my other passions in life outside of cubicles; I always come back to being focused on food, farming and eating locally. For me, there's nothing better than a great meal shared with friends using local ingredients that are ideally raised organically by farmers I know. I truly love going to the farmer's markets and talking with the farmers about what's good, what's coming into season, and supporting them with my hard earned dollars. It just feels good.

To feed my head a bit and to learn more about this passion, I recently started TheHungryDogBlog.com which focuses on food, farming and eating locally in and around Seattle. I've learned that the definition of 'eating locally' varies from person to person so I've settled on this definition: anything I can drive to get and return home to consume within the same day is local. And I don't mean driving 8 hours somewhere to buy a steak, then racing home to cook it. I mean a comfortable journey that is reasonable to make for the quality product you will receive upon arrival.

Over the next year my plan is to continue to seek out farmers, learn their stories and tell them while deciding if farm life is in my future. I have also started an interview series with great local Chefs and Restaurateurs (the ultimate entrepreneurs) in Seattle and will continue to meet them to share their past, present and future visions with interested readers. And finally, I plan on continuing to learn about the world of charcuterie and salumi in the hopes of starting a new business in the coming year and becoming the sausage king of Seattle! Stay tuned…

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