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Management Consulting

The Luck of the Draw...

I've spent the majority of my career over the last 20 years primarily in consulting roles. Like many in the business, I am an accidental tourist when it comes to consulting. I didn't go to college to learn how to do it, nor did I get recruited by a global consulting firm out of school. Instead, I found my way into the world of consulting via a chance opportunity to move to the south of France in 2000 working for what was then known as SemaGroup – a mid-sized French conglomerate. There I focused primarily on business process development and business architecture modeling working on both the product development side as well as implementation for clientele in Kenya.

From France I moved to Prague where I consulted on behalf of Amdocs, an Israeli company focused on telecommunications software, at Czech Telecom as they moved towards privatization. I then moved on to Pre-Sales and Business Development and was able to work in the Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, Romania and Israel all whilst learning the art of the deal and customer service. I also learned that I loved consulting and helping clients become successful.

After my European adventures I moved back to the States with my soon-to-be wife and lived in Chicago for a few years working at US Cellular as a Project/Program Manager on a variety of projects including a major billing system conversion. From there, we headed to Seattle in 2005 where I began working with Slalom Consulting and also where we've continued to make our home. Over the past 9 years, my consulting delivery work has focused primarily on the 3 P's (Project/Program/Portfolio Management) as well as Strategy and Planning, Business Case Development and Strategic Sourcing. I've had the pleasure to work with many clients across companies such as Microsoft, Expedia, T-Mobile, Univar and the Seattle Times. During this time, I honed my skills in the 'holy trinity' of consulting – Sales, Management and Delivery, and worked my way up to managing a P&L of over $20M in annual revenues across 40-50 clients in the Seattle area.

In 2013 I started Thirsty Dog Consulting with the intent to provide management consulting services to select clientele in the Seattle area and Pacific Northwest. I truly love working side-by-side with clients and helping them to solve their biggest business problems. My passion is doing what's right for the client – always.

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