Jason Price | Seattle, Wa

Management Consultant, Entrepreneur, Urban Farmer

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Client Testimonials

Nicole Weynands

Project Manager, PMO at Pacific Northwest Laboratory

Jason's expertise, experience and delivery in business and technology consulting is excellent. He has the ability to dig into and understand business problems and provide innovative, realistic business solutions that customers can act on. Jason has seen great success in growing a book of business, managing client relationships and motivating consultants to deliver great work. As a mentor, Jason takes the time to understand what motivates and drives people and provides ideas and opportunities for them to pursue their goals. He is absolutely fun and engaging to work with.

Kevin Connolly

Operations Director at Tableau Software

During the years that I worked with Jason he proved to be an exceptional manager and great mentor. He still makes himself available to me to bounce ideas off of and provides continued career advice. His guidance and advice played a significant part in my decision to leave consulting and take my current role - a move that has proven to be the best of my career. To this day, I consider Jason one of my closest advisors.

Ken Drake

Sr. Director of Strategy & Planning at Microsoft

Jason helped our helped develop, train, and implement a Portfolio Management approach to a 100M business within Microsoft. His deep knowledge on Portfolio Management, his great communication skills, and focus on deliver were paramount to the successful completion of our effort.

Jerry Dolak

Senior Clarity Consultant (Rego Consulting /G.A.M. Inc) at Asurion

It has been my pleasure to work directly with Jason on a number of high-profile, complex projects. Jason is a well-rounded professional. He has a tireless work effort, is very intelligent and an excellent communicator. Jason enjoys his work. He readily accepts new challenges and is at his best when under pressure. More importantly, Jason builds strong relationships with his colleagues and customers. If a future opportunity presents itself to either work for Jason or to hire him, I would not hesitate.

Dov Rivkin

Department Director at Sberbank-Technology

Jason has an excellent combination of soft skills and subject matter expertise. His general intelligence and positive attitude make him an ideal team member and just a great guy to hang out with. I would work with Jason again with the great pleasure.

Donna Riddell

Consultant at Slalom Consulting

I saw the beginnings of Jason's talent to create order out of chaos when we first worked together in France. In the ensuing years, those skills have evolved with stunning results. Lots of people can manage a project, but Jason can do much more than that. He intuitively creates the appropriate structure and process that enables repeatable and measurable results. The magic is that he then somehow convinces the most unlikely people to not just comply, but to thrive within it. He relates to C level execs in a way that helps them see their clear path to success.

Betsy Baum Block

Consultant & Coach

Jason was one of my favorite clients - he knows how to make consultant/client relationship successful and even fun. Jason was reliably on-time and thorough in his deliverables. I would work with him again any day.


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